Bibilical Parenting Lesson 5

Lesson 5- The Place of Discipline

Proverbs 13:24 ” He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him diligently.”  James 1:20 “For the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God”  Biblical forms of discipline are not abusive, but they are very loving and helpful and can help mold a person’s character for life.

I. Avoid wrong ideas about discipline

A. Some parents think that correction alone is enough.

B. Thinking that because many who were disciplined firmly, turned out badly: because they may discipline in uncontrolled anger; they discipline because their children bother them; some discipline children without praising them; some discipline without teaching.

C. Some parents believe  that discipline hinders a child’s creativity and potential.

D. Some parents believe that discipline will wrap a child’s personality.


II. Develop the right attitude about discipline

A. Our Lord corrects those He loves for their benefit.

B. God’s way is best!

C. View biblical discipline as having the goal of correction, not punishment. Punishment is looking back, correction is looking to the future.

D. Give expectations ahead of time and learn to communicate with the child.


III. Include the necessary ingredients for effective disciplines

A. A parent needs to have some convictions: children are a gift from God; parents will someday give an account for their parenting; God will give parents wisdom and guidance through His sufficient Word; It is loving to give limits.

B. A parents needs to give careful attention to rules that are used for correction and guidance: rules should be reasonable, definable, enforceable.

C. Parents need to establish appropriate rewards and corrections as a part of the discipline process.

D. Parents must follow through in love as correction is carried out: teach the child to ask forgiveness; reassure the child of your love for him and your commitment to help the child be pleasing to God; give them help and assistance; parent’s actions speak louder than words!



34th week- Biblical Parenting Lesson 4

We finished our biblical parenting class at Faith Baptist Church.  I feel it is just a start. So many biblical parenting skills still need to be learned.  Here I summarized what we learned from our 4th, 5th, and last lesson.

Lesson 4- Teaching Your Children

Ephesians 6:4- fathers, do not provoke your children to anger; but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  “Instruction” means “putting into the mind” or “building inner conversation.”  We need to find a balance of discipline and teaching if a child is to grow up to be like Jesus Christ.  With a child’s age increases, discipline should gradually decrease and teaching should increase.

How to teach your children?

  • By asking good questions and helping a child to sharpen their answers.
  • By using life situations as teaching opportunities
  • By living a good example. Parents should resent a unified front. There should not be a “good cop” and a “bad cop”.
  • By formally conducting a family “worship time”.

What is a parent to teach?

  • How to be saved and how to grow as a christian
  • Foundational truths: there is a God, the Word of God is the standard of truth.
  • Practical truths for everyday life:
  1. Children ( 1st 5 years) : focus on being a person under authority ” Ephesians 6:1-12-Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother.”
  2. Youth (age 6-12) :focus on building Christ like characters attentiveness, initiative, contentment, gratefulness.
  3. Teens (age 13-18) :focus on opportunity in the struggles to hunger for wisdom and correction, to see the “spirit of the law”, to make wise choices, to be strong against sexual temptation, etc.



32th week- 8 months




感謝老公一直全力照顧和支持,每一次產檢、每一個課程:不論是在醫院的課程(生產、哺乳、CPR),還是在Life care center上的各式懷孕、育兒的課,在Faith Baptist Church上的biblical parenting, 從來沒有缺席過! 只要我累了、比較忙碌,他就會一肩扛起所有的家事,細心的他,很多時候在我還沒有開口,就知道我需要什麼了。老公,謝謝你!!!!

感謝很多的弟兄姐妹和朋友紛紛捐出嬰兒用品,還有好幾位姊妹都主動要幫我們辦baby shower, 在KY的家人辦了一場精心布置、又溫馨的baby shower, 在Purdue教會的姊妹還特別辦了一場驚喜的baby shower, 當我看到一屋子的好姊妹時,驚得遲遲說不出話來,我們真的是被好多的祝福和禮物”shower”了, 我們幾乎不用自己買太多的嬰兒用品,老公還吃醋地說,寶寶的衣服比他的還多!

Thanks for Pat & Jamie, not only they threw me a wonderful baby shower, they also fulfilled my dream– pregnancy portrait! It is a memorable time to record and they are generious and considerate to help us.

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感謝寶寶(其實是要感謝神)沒有讓媽媽太辛苦,沒有很多孕吐,沒有長妊娠紋,沒有皮膚變差,沒有生病,而且每次產檢,寶寶都是按著標準長大,而且寶寶超可愛~ 爸比在11/9的時候用手電筒照媽媽的肚皮,照到哪寶寶就會踢哪裡喔~

懷孕的過程時時都在經歷神,有很多快樂的時候,也有擔心、緊張的時候,但是神都透過各式各樣的方法來提醒我,祂是主宰! 而且一點一點地拿走我的擔憂。 主啊,感謝祢,祢的恩典、祢的信實廣大,做祢的兒女真是幸福! ^______^