14th week

During my 13th week, I attended a conference “Chinese Congress on NA & EU Campus Evangelization”.  God teaches me a precious lesson when I talked with another pregnant sister. I realized that it is so easy to focus on myself and the baby when pregnant.  I would wonder a lot of things and want to make sure I do it right. Or I would over emphasize my discomfort and give myself excuses to take a lot of rests. When focusing on what we care a lot but it is not God, it does not become any better or it could go even worse.  The only way to be fulfilled is living a life with God as the center—being close to Him and loving people. Even I start to experience a huge change in my body and my life, it is not the time to focus on the change but it should be the time I rely on God even more! Keep the quite time with Him, keep serving Him, and keep serving people. It is so easy to think that I should take more rests now so I can stop many works. 

God also teaches me through the women Bible study I attend. When we studied 1 Peter, one of the main topics is to endure suffering. Although women need to go through all the discomfort during pregnancy and labor, it is a great blessing to strengthen my faith and to refine my characters to be more like Jesus. Also, it is an amazing experience to know a life is developing in me which men can’t experience! So I treasure this process and let God be the focus!  


13th week

I am going into the 2nd trimester! I was told the 2nd one is the “honeymoon” trimester. Although I had my first vomit during my 12th week, after that I seem to feel almost like normal most of the time.  Now I am so interested in looking at maternity clothes and baby stuff. > < I need to go back to research mode!


11th week

This week is my baby’s 11th week. (Yeah! I will pass my first trimester soon!) Starting from 10th week, my not-feel-so-well symptom is getting better and better. I can almost work like I did before, but I still don’t have good appetite and still feel tired easily. Sitting in the car for a long trip becomes not easy for me. The heat and the motion make me uneasy and uncomfortable. I think that stop traveling will be the sacrifice I need to make for my baby.    Now, I am not craving for Japanese food.  I start to want something sour or spicy. Something can stimulate my taste buds.     

OK, baby, helps mommy to concentrate on research and writing. I really wish I can write as much as I can before you come out to the world. So mommy can graduate when your daddy may need to go other place to work. Love you! You are worth all my efforts and sacrifice.